An insightful interview with author Ramya Mishra.

Author Ramya, is equally passionate about LGBTQ rights and advocates the legalizing of gay marriage in India.

Author’s Introduction

Ramya Mishra carries over 14 years of experience in Brand and Product Development. She is today’s leading communication expert especially in the field of travel and hospitality. She has designed a communication strategy for corporate and human brands at the national and international levels. She is an expert in Content Development, Media Management, Crisis Management, Digital PR, Internal Communication, and External Communication. In her blog, she frequently writes on human interest stories, travel, and the LGBTQ community. She is equally passionate about LGBTQ rights and advocates the legalizing of gay marriage in India.  

Are you a full-time Writer/Author?
Very good question. In India being a full time writer means either you are immensely successful or your bills are being taken care of. Unfortunately I don’t fall in either of the categories, thus opted the part time writing option.

How did it occur to you to get into writing?
Wow, even I am thinking. Well, it was never one particular moment. I am one of those unplanned and accidental writers, who landed into the writing world. I wanted to write a story, and daily I sat for 2 hours just writing. The story started evolving and by the time I finished, it looked good. I decided to look for publishers, during those times early 2010 kinds, publishing industry was easy. Books were considered on the merit and not the amount that one could put into the book. One publisher gave me a break my book got published. And that’s how I became a published author.

Sneak peek at your book(s) published or Upcoming.
I am a romance writer and I prefer writing for young crowd or new adult. My books generally pick up an important issue and I weave a story around them.
a)We Will Be Around Honey- This book is about 4 friends who grew up together and faced multiple issues like parental expectations and the impact on a child. The story highlights the fact, it is important for the parents to accept the child with his/her ability. Else, the child feel neglected, disoriented and might do things which would be inappropriate, in order to gain attention.
b)Love Lasts Forever- This talks about arrange marriage and highlights fact that attimes, love and perseverance is needed to work out the things. One can enjoy the company of the opposite personality, provided the will to respect and love each other is there.
c)US-Forever- This is about same sex relationships and love in any culture or country speaks the same language. The concept of love is more defined by the individual situation and experiences rather than anything else. The story highlights this, how three women find the true meaning of love and in the process discover their true self.

Do you have a favorite character in your book , if yes who and why?
I tend to like strong female character, who are strong and have a mind of their own. In most of my stories you will find female characters bold, strong, adventurous who are in charge of their life. If I talk about my recent book US Forever, Riya is my favorite character she is hardworking, ambitious, ready to take chances in life, and somewhere she is not in denial about her alternate sexuality. All this makes her super hot and desirable.

Tell us a little bit about your process of writing. How do you go about it? How do you formulate your characters? How much time do you invest in writing? What inspires you while creating your characters?
Each writer has his/her own way where writing is concerned. I generally imagine the whole story first, and then decide the key characters and each one’s remarkable feature. If I get lost during the way, I listen to a lot of music and read any other author’s book. This helps me in getting into the groove again. The important thing that I have realized is, it is necessary to write, even when you feel like giving up or hit writers block. I don’t follow a fixed path, I might keep on writing for hours at a stretch and at times even half an hour writing exhausts me. But I neither stop nor give up on writing.

Fast facts on Author-
Favorite Book-
Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

One famous fictional character that you like, also one you don’t like-
Hmm, my favorite character is definitely Scarlet O’Hara, strong willed, rebellious, taking control of life.
I don’t like Miss Havisham of Great Expectations, I understand she is the victim of the circumstances. But she has no right to destroy someone’s life.

What do you prefer reading/listening too- Paperback/hardcover or e-book or audiobooks?
I prefer Hardcover anyday.

Sound of a word that you like also one word that you don’t like.
Like- Fight, Don’t Like-Quit

Favorite Phrase.-
The woods are lovely dark and deep, I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

Any message for the readers?
Read and read like crazy, you will not realize when your perception towards world and life will start changing.

Any Message for Motivational Marvels website/page.-
You are doing an immensely nice job by highlighting on the young talent and writers. We need more websites like yours, writing is a tough and exhausting process, and when one does not get proper recognition, it is highly demotivating. Websites like motivational marvels makes us believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, please share the book facts.
I have two books- Love Lasts Forever and We Will Be Around Honey already in the market.
I am looking forward to self publish my third book “Love Across Oceans” soon on kindle.

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