An Interview with the fabulous and fun, Author Avinash Meshram.

Our author Avinash Meshram, has released his debut book ‘I don’t need reasons, I need you’.

Author’s Introduction-

I am 34 by age and 21 by heart. I live in a dream world of love and romance which inspires me to write romantic fiction. I am a blessed father of a 3-year-old beautiful angel. I am an entrepreneur with passion for reading and writing. I also write a blog. My blog is about different shades of life. I express my perspective about what is happening around, through my blog,

Are you a full-time Writer/Author?

I wish. But no, I am not. I run a small business. I had an educational institute named, BrainStorm – The Institute for Excellence, in which I guided my students for entrance exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. This year, due to corona pandemic, it got shut down. So now I have started a new company named Technologies Quantum (which is an outsourcing company of academic content writing) and trying hard to stand back up on my feet.

How did it occur to you to get into writing?

I have studied in a boarding school since 6th standard. I was shy and didn’t talk much with anyone. The first book that came in my hands was Ramayana. I loved reading it. Then in 7th standard, I read Mahabharata and loved that one too. In 8th standard, I got my hands on my Aunt’s novel, Sushma. It is when I realized that I love reading. Soon after, in 8th only, I started writing poems. In 9th standard, I wrote my first novel. I have read a lot of novels since then in varied genres but romance has always been my favorite genre. I kept on writing poems and thought about different stories but never dared to publish them because I never thought that my writing was good enough. I used to write poems in my mother tongue, Marathi. I was not good in English. Even today, I don’t think that I am as good as an author should be. My novel, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You! Is written in a very simple language using simple words to express my thoughts. If you care about language over story, then my novel is not for you. And if you care about story over language then you would be blown away. Smiley!
I guess I am going off the topic. Smiley. What was I saying? … I never thought about publishing my work because the novels I had read were written in a very articulate way using classy vocabulary which I didn’t have. Then, in the second year of graduation, I read my first English novel, Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. After reading that novel, I realized that a good novel needs a good storyteller than a classy write-up. That boosted some confidence in me and I started reading more books in English language and also started to improve my language. In all that, life happened too and I got busy fulfilling my pseudo dreams. Last year, I finally decided, it is now or never! And it is better to fail than regret for not trying. And thus came, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!

Sneak peek at your book(s) published or Upcoming.

A part of my brain kept cooking up a new story every now and then when I was busy in the complexities of life. Never took them seriously as writing never seemed realistic. So never wrote them either. Sometimes, I would tell some story to someone just to know how it is and smile after getting appreciated. That was all. Now, since I have decided to write, it is getting very difficult to keep up with my thoughts as I have stories worth at least 15 novels in my mind.
I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!
This is my first novel, publish at the end of May 2020. The storyline is,
Ekansh is a smart and intelligent guy with a dream to touch the sky. He is from a lower middle class family and knows that the only way to get out of it is education. He studies very hard to get into IIT Bombay. He is extremely career conscious and doesn’t want to distract himself by getting into serious relationship. He is interested in casual dating though and is a flirt.
Shalini on the other hand is a girl with dreams just like Ekansh but she is from a very rich family. She believes in true love and has her THE ONE studying in IIT Delhi. She is committed to him with all her heart.
These to people with two different class and two different ideologies meet in IIT Bombay. What happens next? Will Ekansh convince her for a casual dating or fall in love with her? Will Shalini allow Ekansh in her life of shut him down? Will their life change after meeting each other? If yes, then how?
This novel is a story of fling, friendship, love, heartbreak and betrayal. You can’t predict what will happen in the next chapter.

It is my second novel. I have finished writing it. It would be published by the end of November. It is story of Kavya, a beautiful, strong, independent, smart, talented and ambitious girl who wants to have her own identity in the world.
Ritesh is a notorious guy interested in sports and mediocre in studies.
Ashish is shy and intelligent guy from a very poor family.
Kavya, Ritesh and Ashish are friends and are together since 5th standard. Then after few years, enters Vikrant, a handsome, intelligent guy studying engineering in National Institute of Technology, Nagpur.
LOVE QUADRANGLE is about how Kava’s life changes due to the presence of these guys in her life. It is not just a love story. It is a story of friendship and care as well. It is also a story of how a woman changes due to the pressure of the patriarchal society and it is a story of what a woman wants.
Then there are more novels that I am working on, “Relationship Status: It’s Complicated”, which is a college romance. “My journey to IIT Bombay”, which is non-fiction and story of my life. “From a zero to zeros”, which is again a non-fiction and my journey as an entrepreneur. “Not always happy ending” is a novel on long distance relationship. I am also working on three more stories which would be released in a series. Have not decided the titles yet but first is a love story in a crime syndicate, second is a love story in business world and third is a love story merged with Indian politics. All three of them would be released in a series of 4 novels each. There is a lot going on in my mind. And there is a lot to write. I am trying to make up for the time I have lost because of lack of confidence by writing them faster.

Do you have a favorite character in your book, if yes who and why?

In my novel, “I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!”, my favorite character is Ekansh. I see myself in him. I was also born in a lower middle class family and had to struggle really hard to achieve whatever I have achieved today.

Tell us a little bit about your process of writing. How do you go about it? How do you formulate your characters? How much time do you invest in writing? What inspires you while creating your characters?

I write the first draft of a story in my mobile whenever I get time in my office. Then at night, I give two hours for writing. I write on multiple stories at the same time. One story in mobile, another in laptop and again give some time in designing a plot of some other story. As far as my process of writing is concerned, I first write a plot to know the storyline from beginning till the end. Then I add dialogues into it. Then I add incidences into the story to make it realistic and increase the length of the story. I decide the characters while writing a plot and I keep on detailing them as I start adding incidences in the story. While adding incidences, I also add supporting characters according to need and give required background to them. Once the incidences are added, I work on adding expressions and adjusting the timeline of the story. After that, I do one final editing before declaring that my novel is complete. I keep three things in mind while formulating a story and necessary characters. One, there should be a good start. Two, there should be a story to tell. Three, there should be a twist!
My inspiration while creating characters is, one, I am a proud feminist and hence I always create a strong female character, that one can look up to. Two, I want my readers to relate to my characters, so I don’t try to create a perfect character. My characters have flaws and real life issues that one can relate to.

What is the most ‘gonzo’ idea you have adapted to market your book?

Ha ha ha. I registered on a dating app named OKC. Put the cover of my novel in profile picture and sent the following message to every girl in introduction,
‘If you like reading love stories, then do read this novel. It is an amazing love story. You won’t be able to predict what will happen next. You can check reviews on Amazon. Search the title, ‘I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!’

Fast facts on Author-
Favorite Book
After reading so many books, it is hard to come down to one. The list is long but I am writing the two- Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat. Amacha Baap aan aamhi by Narendra Jadhav (This novel is in Marathi).

One famous fictional character that you like, also one you don’t like.

I like, Sherlock Holmes, because he is smart, intelligent, courageous and self-made.
I don’t like, Harry Potter, because I think people around him did the heavy lifting and he got the credit.

What do you prefer reading/listening too- Paperback/hardcover or e-book or audiobooks?

I prefer reading over listening. I am a night walker. So even though my first choice has always been paperback, I have shifted to e-books since my daughter is born, because she doesn’t sleep if I don’t turn of the light. (Anything for her)

Sound of a word that you like, also one word that you don’t like.

I don’t like, QUIT

Favorite Phrase.

‘You can’t go back in time and change the bad ending. But you can start now and create a new beginning.’
‘Successful people don’t do different things. They do things differently.’

Which quirky pseudonym would describe you the best?


Any message for the readers?

The time is difficult for everyone right now. But it is upto us to decide if we want to kneel down to the fate of fight to stand up and say to the fate that even though it had a power to draw lines on our palms, we have the determination to change them. Life can be a chaos or it can be a piece of cake. It is upto us how we see it. Life should be interesting than good. Otherwise even those who are born with golden spoon get into depression. Life is complicated, but what’s the fun in easy?
About my writing… It doesn’t matter how hard I work to write a good story. How much planning and effort I put to make is worth a read. The final verdict is always in your hands. If you like what I write, then it’s good. And if you don’t like what I write then my best is not good enough. So if you ever like to tell me something, feel free to write me at Your appreciation would inspire me to keep on writing and your criticism would inspire me to learn from you and improve my writing for the better.

Any Message for Motivational Marvels website/page.

Only a good content is never enough. A writer needs someone to read what she has written and a reader needs something good to read. It is difficult for an author to expand her reach to interested readers and it is difficult for a reader to choose a good content to read from the infinite sea of available books. Becoming the bridge to connect the two is the best thing you are doing. Keep up the good work. I wish you great success in your endeavor. I hope I would write something for you again. Smiley. Stay blessed!

Book Cover

Lastly, please share the book facts.

Book Name: I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!
Publisher: Notionpress publishing
Published on: 22nd May 2020
Available on:
Hard copy: Amazon and Barnes&Noble (worldwide), Flipkart and (India Only)
E-book: Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google play, iBook (worldwide)

6 thoughts on “An Interview with the fabulous and fun, Author Avinash Meshram.”

      1. Nice Article..

        Mr. Avinash , We Wish you great success in your future endeavours as an entrepreneur , an author and an teacher..

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  1. Great going Avinash. Your interviw speaks a lot. An author with clear vision and a young man with lots of dreams. Your passion for writing & the thought process indicate you are going to be a great novelist in the future. Best of luck dear…!

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  2. Thank you brother. It was you who inspired me to write poems in the beggining. I still remember how beautifully crafted poems you used to tell us.

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