Here is a motivational interview with author Geeta Modi. She is an epitome of inspiration. Read on to know more about her fulfilling journey as an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, an actor and an author.

Our author Geeta Modi, is also an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and, an actor.

Introducing our Author-

I am an Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Globe Trotter, Actor, Writer, in that order.
So, obviously, I began my journey as an entrepreneur and the rest followed. I got on the roller coaster of my life with the intention to provide for my daughter and me, as a single mother, which lead me thru’ this adventurous, exciting, challenging, fruitful and fulfilling journey ( I did not think so at that time, but do so now in retrospect), which has led me to my present situation, status and niche in life. I have been a business woman for half my life, ie.30 years and still continue this role. The rest of the roles are for self- preservation, catching up on childhood dreams and doing things just for the pure joy of it.

Are you a full-time Author?

I am not a full-time author, but I am a full-time thinker about getting into that role of a full-time author.

How did it occur to you to get into writing?

If you read my book, you will see that I have mentioned about me giving a lot of unsolicited advice, which my daughter jokingly calls Geetagyan. So we got into doing these little posts called Geetagyan on my social media. During the pandemic, I had a lot of time on hand and decided to give the benefit of my life learnings in full instead of the bits and pieces thru’ my social media, hence the book.

A sneek peek at your book.

My book is a work of non-fiction which talks about the direction, pivots and simple therapies and theories one can use to be more productive, more active, more effective and more joyous after 50 years of age. I feel, this age works as benchmark to many of us in making various life altering decisions. I also believe that when I was younger, I did not know better about a lot of things otherwise I could have had a longer span of this joyousness. I want youngsters to know better as early as possible and I hope this book will do just that.
The book is already published and is available on Amazon. The name is Your Best Is Yet to Come

Do you have a writing ritual? If yes, please share it with us.

As for a writing ritual, all I want is a big cup of coffee and my seat by my bedroom window, where I can keep gazing out and drawing inspiration. Sometimes, I get an idea late in the night, or while trying to sleep or while working out…. at such times, I just jot down the points on my phone and work on them fully at a more convenient time. I am a doer, so I have to have my fingers in at least 5 pies at one time. I run the business started by my dad who is no more( we are buying agents and Exporters since 1968) and I write, shoot for my Youtube channel and I write, along with making time for Rotary, Tie Global, Chamber of Commerce, I write, get involved with family and friends and I write, act a role in a movie or a commercial and I write. So I guess, I write a lot.

Did you ever have a writer’s block? Where do you draw your inspirations from to keep you going?

Till now, I have not experienced the Writer’s Block, but I think, I will just go and do something else and it will come back for the fear that I may block the block permanently. My daughter is definitely my inspiration. I also draw a lot of inspiration from beauty. I like everything around me to be beautiful, be it a napkin or a coffee mug. I go completely off when I see a bad looking item or even badly made bed or…..something like that!

What is the most ‘gonzo’ idea you have adapted to market your book?

I had a weird idea of selling my book in a temple—you know—Geetagyan!? But of course I did not follow it for practical reasons.

Fast Facts-

Favorite book: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Favorite  fictional character: Scarlet O’Hara—I have identified myself with her since my school days. I hated Snow White’s stepmother, the one who spoke to her mirrors (though I wish I could).

Paperback/hardcover or e-book or audiobooks- I like paperback, but, of late, have started reading e- books, as the light from my phone is good to see and the fonts can be adjusted to my comfort (problems that come with ageing you know!)

Sound of a word that you like, also one word that you don’t like- I like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
I do not have any non-favorite words. They are my tools I love them all.

Favorite Phrase. To each his own.

Which quirky pseudonym would describe you the best? DRAMA QUEEN describes me best – according to many.

Any message for the readers?

I want my readers to use my book to understand and apply what is written. Many have done so and it has worked for them. I believe that the faster we get to a joyous stage in life, the longer we will get to enjoy it. Would love to see people making their lives more and more meaningful after 50, not by retiring, but by new learnings, by updating skills and knowledge and by living fully each experience that comes their way.

Any Message for Motivational Marvels website/page.

I think Motivational Marvels is a great idea and a wonderful platform which connects people from all the corners of the world and shares their work. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people.

Your Best Is Yet To Come.

Lastly, please share the book facts. (where can our readers buy their copy, the release date, links etc.)

My book was released on the 14th of September 2020 on Amazon, which can be downloaded on kindle. The hard copy will be available very soon as well.

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US –

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