The Pseudo Philanthropist.

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As I write this post, I am livid to say the least…😡

Background: Of late I have been doing a lot of freelance work on manuscript editing and writing assignments, etc. The arrangement gives me the flexibility to balance work and life. A chance to know and learn about like-minded folks, works great for me…so far so good, no complaints on that front.

The Incident:
Today, I came across someone who owns a company that basically outsources content from writers at low rates and gives them away to his clients for better rates. Usually, this arrangement more or less works for all three parties, unless the middle company throws a really low-ball at the content writer.

So this NOT-SO-GENTLE man was offering a FT Content writing job to ‘Indians only’. By FT I mean work of 40 hours or more/week. The ‘Indian only’ factor bought him under my radar. I pinged him about the JD and also asked him what’s about the ‘only Indians’ criteria…

The first response from his side was, are you good to work on a salary as per Indian industry standards?

I responded that depends on a lot of factors, given you are going to make your money in dollars…..what is the offer that you are making by the way? ( I wasn’t interested in his nonsensical offer, but played along anyway, mostly out of curiosity.)

15k INR, he responded. That number took me by surprise, I pointed out to him, that is less than $204. Over 40hours/week of work, for a monthly payment of less than $204…you might just offer an one-time free meal and get them going. This is the EXPLOITATION of labor at every level! So that is why you are looking for ‘Indians only’, to get cheap labor.

Fully convinced, by his so-called ‘philanthropy’ he gave me the most bizarre explanation ever…
You have no idea how the situation is back in India, So many people are losing their jobs and are unable to get a new one, I am helping by providing them jobs and money….people are ready to work even for 5k-10k. In Bangladesh, people are ready to work for an even lesser wage. There is only 1 job and 1000 applicants. The job market is in very bad shape…

I tried to reason it out with him,… but don’t you think you are taking advantage of this situation and blaming it on the pandemic?

That 1 candidate who outdoes all the other 999 candidates, deserves a competitive salary package as per the industry standards, he got the job on his merit after all.
In the name of providing employment you are exploiting helpless job-seekers. What happened to humanity, for heaven’s sake!

When you are in a position to do something good, try to set an example. With 40hr of work/ week, this employee will not even get a chance to take up a second job.

He refused to see the point and said I am giving them jobs, I am doing a good thing.

By now, I was totally losing it…I told him, you know what I charge between $500-$850 to edit one single manuscript depending on the word count, and the nature of editing… and for that job you are offering, which requires extensive research, writing, and editing for every piece of write-up, I would ask at least $3500-$4000/m. This is a very average pay range…people make a lot more than that. Even in India, a decent company would pay somewhere between 35-65k depending on the experience and quality of work.

So should I assume, by not hiring 1 person for this job, you are going to hire 11 other people and distribute the hours, work-load, and money among them? Because, if you are not doing so, then you are simply extracting cheap labor out of helpless people in the name of giving them employment. Whereas you are the one who is going to make money in dollars. That is Tyranny, don’t act as if you are a philanthropist. Pandemic or not the PROFIT is all yours!

You cannot hire every jobless person out there, but whomever you hire, at least pay them what they deserve, so they can survive with dignity.

Obviously, he did not agree with anything I was saying…

I ended the mindless conversation…

But I was very disturbed by the whole event, this is not right…where is the world heading to…☹

PS: I am not a big fan of swearing, but right now I have the nastiest of them all in mind🤬.

2 thoughts on “The Pseudo Philanthropist.”

  1. I’m so sick of people treating Indians like cheap resources to “outsource” work to.

    His work would have been philanthropic if he didn’t real need work done and was just creating a job for someone out of the goodness of his heart. But a FT job for that kind of money is definite exploitation of the current situation to his benefit. 🤦

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    1. You know I feel it is not about Nationality….it is the dignity of labor. You are extracting excellence out of someone, eating up 8 hours of everyday and you don’t even want to pay for that….what kind of shitty ideology is that….total crap!


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